Bronze Valet


- Citrus prewash applied to lower bodywork, arches & door shuts.

- Non-acidic wheel cleaner applied.

- Power wash.

- Ph neutral snowfoam applied.

- Wheels, arches detailed with various brushes & mit with ph neutral shampoo.

- Two bucket wash with ph neutral shampoo

- Polymer concentrated rinse aid applied.

- Rinse.

- Luxury microfiber towel dry paint, shuts and wheels.

- Spray wax applied.

- Exterior windows cleaned.

- Tyres dressed. 

- Basic interior vacuum.

- Dash, centre console dusted, door cards dusted.

- Dash, centre console, door cards dressed

- Interior glass cleaned.  

Maintenance Valet

For well maintained cars that just need a tidy up or for customers on our 4/6 weekly play prices are:

Small Car £45

Medium Car £50

Large Car £55

Car wash | EasyLife Valeting & Detailing


Small Car £55

Medium Car £70

Large Car £85

 A mobile service is available for this valet, weather permitting, for customers on a 4/6 weekly plan. 


Excess soiling, staining or large amounts of pet hair will incur extra charges.

Payment to be made on completion with cash or card.


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