Paint correction is the process of correcting imperfections in paint through the use of machine polishing. The end result depends on the depth of the imperfections, the expertise of the user and having the right specialist materials and equipment. 

The types of imperfections in paint that can be removed

Professional machine polishing
Swirl Marks

Swirl marks are a vary common problem. Overtime they can make the paint on your car look dull. To prevent swirl marks it is important to wash your car with the proper techniques and materials or hire a professional valeter. 

Professional machine polishing

Scratches can come about a number of different ways and they vary in depth. Depending on the depth machine polishing can correct many of these. 

Buffer Trails & Holograms 

In the sunshine sometimes you will notice holograms and buffer trails. The main reason for this is through poor, inexperienced machine polishing.  

Professional machine polishing

Oxidation occurs as a result of the sun breaking down the molecular structure of the paint. Some paint damage due to oxidation can be polished out however, severe cases require a new coat of paint.

Due to no two clients, no two cars and no two expectations being the same we offer a completely bespoke service for paint correction. If you are interested in this service and would like me to view your vehicle please call or email to arrange a consultation. I am a valeter and detailer based in oxfordshire but possibly able to travel. 

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