Platinum Valet



- Citrus prewash applied to lower bodywork, arches & door shuts.

- Non-acidic wheel cleaner applied.

- Power wash.

- Wheels, arches detailed with various brushes & mit with ph neutral shampoo.

- Power wash

- Ph neutral snowfoam applied

- Grills, badges, exterior crevices detailed with hog hair brush

- Power wash

- Two bucket wash with ph neutral shampoo

- Rinse

- Dry with luxury microfiber towel.

- Tar & glue remover applied.

- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo.

- Rinse

- Dry

- Iron fallout remover applied to paint & wheels 


- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo

- Paintwork clay barred

- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo

- Dry with luxury microfiber towel. 

- Door shuts dried.

- Wheels dried.

- Single stage machine polish.

- Paint sealed with luxury carnauba hard wax. 

- Exterior windows polished and buffed

- Exterior trims, rubbers, grills, arch linings dressed.

- Tyres dressed.

- Exhaust tips polished

Engine Bay

- All purpose cleaner applied

- Rinse

- APC reapplied and agitated with brushes & steam machine.

- Rinse.

- Dried with air & microfiber.

- Plastics and rubbers dressed.

- Brightworks polished.


- Rubbish removed

- Detailed vacuum & dust of all interior, seats, carpets, mats, dash, vents and pockets.

- Seat's shampooed & steamed or leather cleaned & balmed. 

- Carpets shampooed & steamed.

- Mats shampooed & steamed.

- Plastics, door cards, dash and controls cleaned.

- Plastics, door cards, dash, controls dressed and polished.

- Interior glass cleaned. 

- Deodoriser applied.


Small Car £250

Medium Car £350

Large Car £450

 Excess soiling, staining or pet hair will incur extra charges.

Payment to be made on completion with cash or card.