Platinum Valet



- Citrus prewash applied to lower bodywork, arches & door shuts.

- Non-acidic wheel cleaner applied.

- Power wash.

- Wheels, arches detailed with various brushes & mit with ph neutral shampoo.

- Power wash

- Ph neutral snowfoam applied

- Grills, badges, exterior crevices detailed with hog hair brush

- Power wash

- Two bucket wash with ph neutral shampoo

- Rinse

- Dry with luxury microfiber towel.

- Tar & glue remover applied.

- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo.

- Rinse

- Dry

- Iron fallout remover applied to paint & wheels 


- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo

- Paintwork clay barred

- Two bucket wash with ph shampoo

- Dry with luxury microfiber towel. 

- Door shuts dried.

- Wheels dried.

- Single stage machine polish.

- Paint sealed with luxury carnauba hard wax. 

- Exterior windows polished and buffed

- Exterior trims, rubbers, grills, arch linings dressed.

- Tyres dressed.

- Exhaust tips polished

Engine Bay

- All purpose cleaner applied

- Rinse

- APC reapplied and agitated with brushes & steam machine.

- Rinse.

- Dried with air & microfiber.

- Plastics and rubbers dressed.

- Brightworks polished.


- Rubbish removed

- Detailed vacuum & dust of all interior, seats, carpets, mats, dash, vents and pockets.

- Seat's shampooed & steamed or leather cleaned & balmed. 

- Carpets shampooed & steamed.

- Mats shampooed & steamed.

- Plastics, door cards, dash and controls cleaned.

- Plastics, door cards, dash, controls dressed and polished.

- Interior glass cleaned. 

- Deodoriser applied.


Small Vehicle £300

Large Vehicle £400

Please leave1.5 - 2 days

The large vehicle price indicated includes Estates, SUV, MPVs, 4x4 and any vehicle with 5 or more seats. 

Prices are based on vehicles having an average amount of soiling. Excess soiling, staining or large amounts of pet hair will incur extra charges.

Payment to be made on completion with cash or card.

Adequate off road parking would be needed. 

All bookings dependant on fair weather unless shelter is available. 


Tel: 07805037392 


Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm

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